Located on the Rio de Oro peninsula, in the very south of Morocco, Dakhla is a destination full of charm.

Do you want to discover this city? There are a thousand and one ways to do it.

The Atlantic coast in southern Morocco

Unmissable excursions

Dragon island

Between desert and ocean, like a dragon emerging from deep waters, the dragon island appears in the middle of the beautiful bay of Dakhla. A mysterious Island, of wild beauty that fascinates ...

A shower at the Asmaa source remains a moment of pure relaxation.


Divinely hot water and beneficial water especially since it is sulfurized.

Asmaa Spring

In the middle of the beaches, waves and sand ... a hot spring: The Asmaa spring. The water coming out of it has a temperature of around 38°C.


Treat yourself to the wonder of the senses in the middle of an authentic and wild nature and walk towards the harmony of body, soul and spirit. After a 2 hour journey through the dunes, the Imlili area offers varied landscapes, a real gem of nature in the middle of the desert landscape.


Come and discover Dakhla's oyster park. This is an opportunity to savor oysters just harvested from the lagoon ... Today, Dakhla oysters are a benchmark in terms of taste and quality, in the kingdom, but also beyond its borders.


About sixty kilometers south of Dakhla, "Porto Rico" is a very beautiful wild beach of golden sand and crystal blue water, a magical place to spend exceptional moments that will remain forever in your memory. You really feel alone in the world. It is the ideal place for swimming and sunbathing away from prying eyes.


Very different from the major tourist places of Morocco, Dakhla is a destination that remains authentic, far from mass tourism. To soak up the local atmosphere, start by going to the market. Small but colorful, it offers fruit and vegetable stalls, fresh fish, stalls with spices, colorful fabrics or ointments.

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