Special Offers

L’Ancre des Gourmets: An intimate and exclusive place!
Look, touch, smell, feel contemporary gastronomy.

With friends or family.

Several surprises await you.

For your honeymoon, it’s up to us to seduce you!
Let yourself be lulled by the crystal clear waters of the Dakhla lagoon, light up your eyes during a candlelit dinner: this stay is yours, and La Crique will accompany you to make your honeymoon unique in the world.

Treat yourself to the wonder of the Senses in the heart of an authentic and wild nature and reach the harmony of the body, the soul and the spirit. In the heart of the Dakhla lagoon, where the luxury of refinement mingles with wild and unspoiled nature, join us for an original experience that will reveal the radiance of your inner jewel. Yoga, cardio, surfing and coaching sessions!

Join us for a wellness journey and a conquest of balance with our Yoga Retreat at La Crique Dakhla from the 10th to 13th February.
 A unique program guided by the yoga coach Annabelle corti, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional stay that is both energizing and rejuvenating in Dakhla.

Breaking away from a hectic everyday life, suspending the flow of time, recharging your batteries to access a universe of fullness, such is our ambition.

Nestled on a cliff, La Crique suspends the flow of time for a yoga break: Sacred Féminine. Between Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Excursions, join us for an unforgettable experience.

Treat yourself to a stay with family or friends and succumb to the idyllic setting of La Crique.

Let your senses soar thanks to the care provided by our teams and enjoy a moment just for you in an exceptional setting: La Crique Dakhla.
Treat yourself to a break of well-being by taking advantage of our package for a relaxing and restful getaway.